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If it ain't broke...

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

While the old adage to leave working things alone is often a good strategy, when it comes to your network, that's a dangerous approach.

How long has it been since you evaluated internet connection options, how your offices communicate with each other, how remote workers connect, redundancy when the internet service goes down, wireless speeds and coverage,..? And the list goes on.

As a case study, a recent rebuild of the corporate network for a multi-site medical practice reduced spend with the internet service providers by over 80%, generating direct savings of over $100,000 every year on-going. Service has become more reliable with real-time failover circuits in place. Now when the primary internet goes down, the practice rarely is even aware that it happened. The SD-WAN technology fails over to the secondary circuit until service is restored.

5G is going to make a tertiary option available as well for the most mission critical apps. Maybe it's time to get the dust off those switches in your IT closet and see what updating can do.

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